DSS volunteers in Brisbane planted 400 trees, reviving green cover of the Planet

Tree Plantation in BrisbaneThe zeal to serve humanity and mother earth among DSS Volunteers, Australia is admirable. DSS volunteers living here organized a tree plantation drive in Brisbane to aware people about the need of trees and to awake their inner consciousness to take care of planet they live in. About 400 Saplings were planted by the impassioned volunteers within few hours. Volunteers belief that clean areas, which can give birth to clean thoughts and thereby help in the formation of a healthy society, has been getting stronger and stronger with people joining Swachh Bharat Abhiyan all over India. The need for cleanliness has been widely accepted and efforts are being made to spread cleanliness across the Globe. It’s really heartening to see the small seed of selfless services sown by Revered Guru Ji has multiplied zillion times in the hearts of every Volunteer and is flourishing and spreading fragrance providing a relief everywhere. Passersby too expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards volunteers who serve selflessly in today’s time of Satan, and also pledged to take care of the neglected areas and keep them clean. Volunteers gave the credit of motivation and guidance for such welfare activities to Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan whose guidelines are way to divinity and are power boosters for these volunteers.