His Holiness Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj incarnated on Jan. 25, 1919 in the holy village-Sri Jalalana Sahib in district Sirsa in Haryana(India). The most respected father Shri Wareyam Singh Ji and most revered mother Aas Kaur Ji were learned and pious souls. His Holiness was an eminent landlord of the village and belonged to a Sidhu family. His Holiness was the only child of his parents. From the very childhood, Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji had true love for God and wanted to achieve Him. So His Holiness started his search for a perfect spiritual saint who could fulfill his desire of realizing God. During this search, His Holiness met many persons who were known as great devotees of God. His Holiness listened to their preachings, practised them after studying them deeply but none could satisfy him and make him achieve his aim.

Once, His Holiness got a chance to attend a spiritual discourse of Mastana Ji Maharaj and to have his pious darshan. His Holiness was very much impressed by Shah Mastana Ji and felt that Shah Mastana Ji was the perfect master, He had been searching for. His Holiness developed utmost faith in Shah Mastana Ji. After that, His Holiness attended Satsangs (spiritual congregations) of Shah Mastana Ji for three consecutive years and also served his fellow deciples selflessly. Whenever His Holiness expressed his desire to learn Meditation (Naam– the holy Words) from Shah Mastana Ji, Mastana Ji Maharaj refused him saying, “When the time will come, we will call you of our own and will bless you with the Naam. Kaal (the negative Power) will not harm you in any manner till that time and you keep on attending the Satsangs”…Read More